Has Your School Fulfilled

Texas Education Code 37.108 & HB 2195?

Tier One can help you complete this State-mandated safety & security audit as well as the training required under HB 2195. We assess, implement and manage all aspects of your security.

What is

Texas Education Code 37.108 & HB 2195?

Texas Education Code 37.108 is a State-mandated security law that requires each school district to adopt and implement a multihazard emergency operations plan that addresses mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery for emergency situations.

As of September 1, 2019, any publicly funded school is required to have active shooter training for school district peace officers and school resource officers under the Amendment HB 2195.

Tier One Can Help You Complete This Requirement & Active Shooter Training

Tier One can help you determine whether or not your campus needs to fulfill Texas Education Code 37.108, conduct all necessary state mandated audits and provide security or police options such as guardians, marshals, armed security or police security based upon your budget.

Safety & Security Audit

The Tier One Safety & Security Audit provides a comprehensive evaluation of organizational safety and security plans while satisfying TX Education Code 37.108. 

Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan

Our Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan is our most comprehensive and integrated Organizational Safety and Security plan. This service identifies emergency management practices, relationships, responsibilities and general strategic considerations all while satisfying TX Education Code 37.108. 

Active Shooter Training

Our Active Shooter Training is conducted on-site with reenactments of real life situations. School resource officers are trained on both prevention and emergency scenarios. 

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