The Senior Partners for Tier One are responsible

for directing all aspects of

company strategy, planning, and operations.

With over 80 years of combined law enforcement, fire/EMT and military experience, they have established a multi-faceted think tank with diverse perspectives drawn from a variety of industries and backgrounds, becoming premier innovators in campus security.

Having worked in both military and civilian sectors, their experience has managed over $800 million annual budgets, developed and implemented programs that involved local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and established a secure campus environment for public, private, and charter school sectors.
Flipping the script on traditional school resource officer programs that have been viewed more as a gateway to the criminal justice system, this team has focused their efforts on behavioral health and interaction with students beginning in elementary schools.

Meet Our Team

Louis Felini

Senior Partner

Matt Antkowiak

Senior Partner

Tony Tinderholt

Senior Partner